Gun Control Issues

 Gun Control Issues

One of the hundreds of disputes in America, that really has some pretty simple answers, is that of gun control. People are rightly worried about their safety when shootings .38 special ammo  can happen in the institutions of learning where they send their children to school. When we are at peacetime here in the US, and yet we find ourselves at war with ourselves coming to understand that the only ruling truth is that there is no way to predict when or where the next lunatic can pop up from. We need guns for defense from other people with guns. Its kind of a paradox.  But the truth of the situation is, ignorant people are most often the most dangerous people. 

There are a few simple actions that you can take to help make your home and neighborhood a safer place. First, don’t let your children be counted among the ignorant in the world. You as a parent have a responsibility to teach your children their responsibilities as a citizen of the world. These include common courtesy, and precaution against treating other people badly. If you are a gun owner, it is also your job to teach your children about gun ownership. Share with them the responsibility of keeping the family safe. 

Children in today’s society need to be taught that guns are not really what they appear to be in movies and TV shows. Guns are meant for defense. They are not glorified toys, and killing people is not as common, or as good as we make it seem in our video games. So teach children why guns are owned. Teach them that they aren’t toys, which means they aren’t to be played with. Then teach them how to use your gun. Teach them where the safety is, and how to unload a gun. In this way your children will be able to keep themselves safe, and may even stop a friend from making a horrible mistake. Its a hard world, but if you accept that, you can avoid sheltering your children into making these mistakes. Let your children shoot the gun in the proper place and at a proper target. When they feel the power that a gun has and its dreadful weight and kick, they’ll reconsider shooting it inappropriately. 

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