The Development of Formula One Car Racing

Formula One, also known as F1 racing began as early as the 1920s. The unique racing car sport originated in Europe and was initially called Grand Prix Motor racing. The sport underwent many changes in its rules and the essential “formula” after World War II. Grand Prix Motor racing was given a new formula – known today as Formula One around the mid-twentieth century, which gave precedence to the later established, Word Championship racing rules and the first Word Champion race in 1950. The introduction of team sponsorship and some technological upgrades to the race cars themselves over the years turned Formula One racing into a billion dollar industry.

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There is a lot to be learned about a Formula One racing season today, as it has evolved into a dynamic series of racing events. Each Formula One racing season is comprised of a series of races that are also known as as the Grands Prix, which in English, means Grand Prizes. The Grands Prix is held on a combination of purpose-built circuits and public roads Race Pages. The results of each of these smaller races within the Grands Prix are used to determine two annual World Championships: one for drivers and one for constructors.

Before they are eligible to race or participate in the Grands Prix – all drivers, constructor teams, organizers, track officials, and circuits are required to hold a valid Super License, which is the highest class of racing license issued by the Fdration Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The FIA is a non-profit sports federation that since 1904 has essentially been the governing body or organization representing the interests of motoring organizations, auto racing events, and motor car users.

It makes sense that the FIA would require Formula One race participants to hold the highest class of racing license available, mostly because the Formula one cars themselves are held to the highest racing standards in the industry of car racing. As a result, Formula One cars are considered to be the fastest circuit-racing cars in the world.

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