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Use our allergen and ingredients food labelling tool to find out more about the different requirements for food labelling and what your business needs to do. There are a number of ways in which allergen information can be provided to your customers. You will need to choose the method which is best for your business and the type of food you serve. Food businesses need to tell customers if any food they provide contain any of the listed allergens as an ingredient.

I’ve run out of empathy for unvaccinated folks , who at this point equally share responsibility with this damned virus for us still have something to fear in the first place. To be honest, anti-vaxxers are the only thing I fear at this point, now that life has finally gone back to almost-normal in my highly vaccinated corner of California. I’ve tried to listen, but as a scientist, thus used to logical reasoning, my brain hurt from all the pathetic nonsense spouted at me, this comment being no exception. Elizabeth––have your ‘good’ reasons been influenced by at least a drop of empathy and consideration for the doctors and nurses, who are exhausted? For people not getting urgent medical care, because the hospitals are full?

Yahoo! News, SBS Online, Daily Mail Australia and 9News.com.au also quoted Dr Grunseit about the survey. Sydney Morning Heraldquoted Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli from the Charles Perkins Centre and the School of Life and Environmental Sciences about a new Weight Watchers app targeting adolescents aged eight to 17. The article was syndicated acrossNine’s newspaper mastheads.

Professor Jennie Brand-Miller from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences and the Charles Perkins Centre was quoted in theSydney Morning HeraldaboutThe Good Carb Cookbookauthored by Dr Alan Barclay. Syndicated articles appeared in theAgeandCanberra Times. ABC Gold Coast, 2GB, 4BC, 98.5 Sonshine FM Perthand2SM Sydneyalso reported on the research and co-author Ray Moynihan, from Bond University, wrote an opinion piece on the research that was published by theSydney Morning Herald. ABC PM,Radio 6PR and CBC Health interviewed Dr Barbara Mintzes, senior lecturer with the Charles Perkins Centre and Faculty of Pharmacy, about the study. Phys.org quoted Dr Melanie Zeppel from the Charles Perkins Centre and Faculty of Pharmacy about her research into how drought-affected trees die. Australian Jewish Newsmentioned Professor Tony Weiss from theSchool of Life and Environmental Sciencesand the Charles Perkins Centre was one of three Australian academics collaborating with Technion, a public research university in Israel.

UK dairy farmers could benefit from a new project that aims to make the industry more resilient to threats such as covid-19. Reports that COVID-19 has been detected on frozen food packaging and products, including on pork knuckles coming from Germany, have prompted import bans in China. However, Germany’s BfR says infection via pork meat is ‘unlikely’.

Some households are facing price hikes several times higher than the official inflation figures suggest, experts warn. Inflation is a measure of how much the price of goods and services is rising on average, in comparison to the previous year. The Office for National Statistics, which compiles the data, collates the prices of some 700 everyday items and services to come up with a single, overall figure for the UK inflation rate. Search our updated directory of restaurants and businesses open during the COVID crisis. Technological advances demand highly skilled workers, and gig jobs require people who can be paid by the task or project, not by the position they hold in a company. The transformation of today’s workplace has left businesses, educators and policymakers playing catch-up.

Fda Expands Pfizer Covid Booster, Opens To Age 16

What also needs to stop immediately — calling people who don’t want the COVID vaccine “anti vax.” Holy cow, does that need to stop. Joanna — The amount of absolute hate and disgust for unvaccinated people you allow on your blog is so disturbing. Yet god forbid you to publish a comment where someone isn’t vaccinated for medical reasons, religious reasons, they have antibodies, or they just simply don’t want to be. Read some eckhart tolle, pema chodron, tich naht han.

Senate Moves To Overturn Biden Vaccine Mandate

Anyhow, that was when I realized that my window of relative safety was already closing before I’d had time to do much of anything. Here in B.C., Canada, we never had a lifting, as the vaccine shortage meant most of us weren’t fully vaccinated until late summer, when the Delta variant had taken hold. ” I never got back to the USA to see my family, never took CBD-Öl-Tinktur FAQs my kids on any trip or even had a dinner party. It was hard to see all that happening, unmasked, in photographs from afar. I don’t know if a brief respite would have made the impending winter isolation any better, or saner. I just feel it should be noted that many people the world over didn’t experience a lifting–and still don’t have access to vaccines.

Agriculture, The Career Of Opportunity

This app provides guided meditations that address a range of concerns, as well as soothing sounds and storytelling designed for sweet dreams. The app is $70 per year , or for a truly luxe surprise, you can pay $400 and have access forever. We get it, holiday shopping is overwhelming, and every year it seems like you have to order earlier and earlier. But here you can relieve yourself of shopping-related stress by scrolling through our curated relaxing gifts from brands like Parachute, Bearaby, and Kiehl’s.

Consumers in the UK are being urged to buy Stilton cheese as sales have declined by up to 30% since the start of the coronavirus crisis. While many of the UK’s family-owned and run artisanal bakeries have been hard hit by the coronavirus outbreak, several have modified their business models to ensure their freshly-baked treats continue to get out to consumers. ADM and Hospital de Sagunto, one of the largest medical centers in the Valencia region of Spain have partnered on a clinical trial into the effects of using a food supplement containing live microbial strains. The UK’s most prominent scientists are asking the country’s health secretary Matt Hancock to assess the role of the gut microbiome in coronavirus citing evidence that points to its impact on susceptibility and recovery from the disease. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for local products in France and could have a positive effect on the development of functional foods, according to Mintel.

Whats Holding Customers Back From Using Your Online Services?

Every time I scan a new job description, it seems like the new position will be so overwhelming, and I’m reminded of the saying about the “devil you know.” Sending you love and saying I see you. I am so disheartened to see friends become angry, defensive, and paranoid about the loss of their so-called freedom. The irony is that their claim to freedom from getting a COVID vaccine is keeping our entire country from living freely.

The Guardian quoted Professor Simon Chapman from the School of Public Health about current rates of e-cigarette use among young Australian non-smokers, which has quadrupled in six years. The New Zealand Herald quoted Emeritus Professor Stephen Leeder from the School of Public Health about the current global spread of why choose creatine monohydrate COVID-19 and the impending impact on developing nations. ABC News , Chicago Sun-Times , Fox 8 quoted Professor Edward Holmes from the Charles Perkins Centre, Marie Bashir Institute, School of Life and Environmental Sciences and School of Medical Sciences regarding the emergence of a new strain of swine flu in China.

Medscape reported on research led by Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis from the School of Public Health finding that regular weekly exercise may reduce the mortality risk posed by alcohol-related cancers, based on a study of over 50,000 British adults. The Sunday Mailreported on research led by Dr Nick Fuller from theCharles Perkins Centreinto carbohydrate-rich foods, finding carbs from fruit, vegetables and wholegrain sources a vital component of weight loss. The New York Times quoted Professor Edward Holmes from theMarie Bashir Institute,Charles Perkins Centre,Faculty of ScienceandFaculty of Medicine and Healthin an article about the origins of the COVID-19 virus, SARS-CoV-2. The story was syndicated globally, including in Nine publications .

The French food and beverage giant will prune its portfolio after recording a drop in sales in its third quarter. Innovative snack brands say they are seeing a shift in the snack category as consumers seek out products that deliver positive nutrition in response to COVID-19. Elderly patients who have previously taken vitamin D3 supplements are more likely to survive COVID-19 but supplementing with 80,000 IU daily after infection is probably too low a dose and too late in the day to generate protective Delta 8 THC in West Virginia: Is It Legal & Where to Buy in 2022? effects, according to… With new hopes for a COVID-19 vaccine, the UK meat processing sector wants its key workers to be amongst the first to be immunised. An unprecedented shortage of meat production, prompted by the COVID-19 outbreak, is driving up the risk of meat fraud – particularly in species substitution. Italy’s primary food supplements group is taking action to protect the EU’s biggest and most dynamic market from a surge in misleading coronavirus-linked immunity claims.

We continue to work with local governments to determine the appropriate level of store service while keeping the communities we serve safe and well. We have posted social distancing protocols in all stores and are reiterating those through regular PA announcements. Sidewalks and register areas have been marked to provide visual cues that help to reinforce the acceptable distance that the CDC has recommended. For the first time, we are offering contactless shopping through Curbside Pick-Up and Same-Day Delivery at select U.S. stores. Both are easy and safe options for customers to shop their favorite crafts.

People Are Sharing street Smarts Everybody Should Know

These changes will provide essential information to help people with a food allergy or intolerance make safe food choices. From October 2021, the way food businesses must provide allergen labelling information for Prepacked for Direct Sale changed. Foods will need to have a label with a full ingredients list with allergenic ingredients emphasised within it. Prepacked for direct sale products are foods that have been packed on the same premises from which they are being sold. Prepacked food must have an ingredients list present on the packaging. Allergens present in the product must be emphasised each time they appear in the ingredients list.

Weekend Australian quoted Professor Adrian Bauman from the School of Public Health and Charles Perkins Centre about Singapore Airlines resuming flights from Singapore to New York, which will be world’s longest non-stop flight. The article also mentioned the Charles Perkins Centre’s partnership with Qantas to research the health impacts of long-haul flights. The Seven interview was syndicated across the Southern Cross regional TV network.

Interim data from the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers survey show more than 1m liters of milk have been discarded since the start of the coronavirus outbreak in the UK. UK levy organisation Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board is offering beef and lamb box kits to farmers looking to sell their meat directly to consumers during the coronavirus pandemic. HelloFresh has raised its earnings expectations for the full year after reporting a successful start to 2020 as increased numbers consumers dine at home amid coronavirus restrictions. The iconic General Mills brand is praising the heroism of Canadian food bank workers with its ‘Cheer for the food banks frontline’ campaign. Every week, new studies are emerging that highlight the important roles that nutrients like vitamin D and zinc play for our immune systems, but the dietary supplements industry cannot talk about much of it.

You must find creative ways to both socialize your new puppy and teach your puppy how to be alone, even if it’s just for a little bit each day. Discover new workout ideas, healthy-eating recipes, makeup looks, skin-care advice, the best beauty products and tips, trends, and more from SELF. Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day — weekends included. Sometimes, simply petting your cat or drinking a cup of tea helps. Just make sure you pick a low-stress activity to pull your thoughts away from the source of your anxiety. If it’s difficult for you to come up with something in the moment, try picking a couple of memories ahead of time, so you can go to them as soon as you start experiencing anxiety.

Shaker Road Loudonville Fire Department displays the message “get well America” on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 in Loudonville, N.Y. This is one of many signs that fire departments or businesses have displayed since the outbreak of COVID-19. CPD-accredited training, consultancy and free resources. Support before and after CQC inspection for adult social care. COVID-19 guidance for social care providers as we all work to slow down the spread and ease the restrictions of lockdown. For example, promote 5 blowouts as a package deal at a discounted price to help increase revenue upon re-opening and guarantee the client will be back at least 4 more times. But it will be important for you to manage your time carefully upon our return, so as to continue taking care of yourself and others.

The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on healthcare workers is a topic often overlooked and understated. I’ve been wearing my mask in public spaces the whole time but felt comfortable getting together with vaccinated friends/family this summer. Now I question if this is still a good idea since I keep hearing about break through cases.

Diageo says its US business is performing strongly and ahead of expectations; while the company is seeing sequential improvement acrross all regions. The national association – which has protected the interests of Scotland’s bakery trade for nearly 130 years – has sworn in Linda Hill from Murrays Bakers of Perth and confirms its stance to help combat the spread of coronavirus. As the European Parliament prepares to cast its final vote on the use of names such as ‘burger’ and ‘sausage’ for vegetarian and vegan products, FoodNavigator hears from a plant-based campaigner, a meat market expert, and the British Meat Processors Association.

While this year’s big election news is the Republican comeback in Virginia, voters across six states also determined the fate of 24 ballot measures, approving 14 and rejecting 10. In the ongoing fight against COVID-19 through vaccinations, federal agencies have recently approved shots for kids and added requirements for workers. Despite the many challenges facing nonurban communities, there’s much to celebrate when it comes to state health policy efforts in rural America. National Rural Health Day showcases “the power of rural” along with successes in improving access to care in rural communities. Georgia policy analyst Leonel Chancey was inspired to work in public service by his grandfather, who was a chief U.S. magistrate judge and a JAG officer in the U.S. As the transportation landscape continues to quickly evolve, states are taking a serious look at everything from distance-based user fees to autonomous vehicles to improving infrastructure with public-private partnerships.

Lockdown measures have driven an unprecedented surge in demand for recipe box services. Yet once the dust settles, so too will subscription numbers, suggests Philip Koh, co-founder of London-based brand design agency Without. “Meal kits are unlikely to what is pure cbd oil become the norm,” he told FoodNavigator. With the COVID-19 crisis highlighting their vulnerability to external shocks, food and beverage companies are set to increasingly diversify their supply chains and locate production closer to their markets.

The stress is coming out for me in really weird ways. I’ve been up and down lately, but this morning I woke up feeling fine. I could see the first leaves of fall floating past my window.

ABC Radio North Queensland also interviewed Dr Fuller about the study. 2SER FM interviewed Dr Sinead Boylan from the School of Public Health and Charles Perkins Centre about the health impacts of what are the effects of vaping cbd oil climate change. ABC Radio WA Statewide Drive interviewed Professor Luigi Fontana from the Charles Perkins Centre and Sydney Medical School about the factors responsible for longevity in people.

What Data Shows About Vaccine Supply And Demand In Vulnerable Places

The food industry must share the blame for both the obesity pandemic and the severity of COVID-19 disease, argue researchers in the UK. As countries emerge from lockdown restrictions, Scotland’s dairy farmers are looking to build stronger supply chains and discuss milk contracts as they recover from the impacts of the coronavirus crisis, says NFU (National Farmers’ Union) Scotland. UK-based Tech Projects has developed a hand-sanitizing unit and screen it says will support safe working practices and social distancing in the food-processing sector. The UK government has outlined a package of measures that, it says, are designed to ‘turbo charge’ UK food and drink businesses as the world recovers from coronavirus. Food Standards Scotland has issued a warning calling on businesses and consumers to be vigilant against heightened food fraud risks arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

As a small business, we were nimble and were able to adapt to the situation. We set up an online shopping platform through Shopify. We even started live-streaming on Facebook every week to sell our clothes.

As soon as the necessary information about the virus that causes COVID-19 was available, scientists began designing the mRNA instructions for cells to build the unique spike protein into an mRNA vaccine. Beyond vaccines, cancer research was already using mRNA to trigger the immune system to target specific cancer cells. Just wanted to point out the small nuance of you describing this mRNA technology as “new” when it would be more accurate to say that this technology is advancing. I am concerned however about the use of the phrase “the unvaccinated”. Perhaps using the phrase “people who are unvaccinated” would keep our humanity at the forefront.

Freedom of expression if it doesn’t match up with your own thoughts isn’t allowed? Every single person has their own reasons for doing something or not doing something, you don’t know everyone’s story and everyone has it hard right now, absolutely huile de cbd douleurs every single being on this planet. Keep this in mind before you jump on the bandwagon to criticize and assume you know what an “unvaccinated” person is going through. There is usually way more to the story than “they are just selfish”.

Marketers of natural products need to be on their best behavior during this pandemic crisis as regulatory authorities comb through every aspect of a company’s marketing to look for disease claims, an attorney says. Spanish pork industry trade body Interporc has stressed the importance of the hotel, restaurant and café sector to help recovery once the coronavirus pandemic has passed. Feeding America estimates that an additional 17.1 million people could face hunger in the next six months because of the pandemic, increasing the urgent need for food assistance. Meanwhile, the outbreak has placed a strain on companies like Aryzta, but boosted business for those like Bakedin.

It’s about as close to “good for her not for me” one can responsibly get without perpetuating unsubstantiated COVID vaccine fears. Delight the gardening fans in your life with our plants gift guide featuring clogs, gloves, planters, and other helpful resources. And while 58% say that the pandemic has changed their way of life forever, nearly three-quarters (72%) said that they still have hope for the future. Respondents are also putting common personal interactions on hold with 78% saying they won’t shake hands with people through the end of the year and only 13% saying they will hug a non-family member. Of those surveyed, 78% say they won’t spend the holidays as they normally do with only 9% planning to attend holiday church services and only 12% planning to attend holiday parades or New Year’s Eve firework celebrations. Eating and exercise are new areas of focus for many respondents.

To health care workers, opting instead for basic cloth or fabric coverings that can be washed and reused. Previously, the agency considered homemade face masks alast resortin hospitals and medical facilities. As we enter a brave new world of social distancing and start practising new ways of greeting each other in public (bye-bye hugs and handshakes), the question of handling physical intimacy still looms large. The pandemic has officially changed the very concept of a comforting, human touch, so much so, we may start thinking twice before hugging a stranger even on the third date. Since there is little to no guidance on how to have sex during the pandemic from the World Health Organization and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, a study conducted by researchers of the Harvard University seems to offer help.

This decade’s census has been rocked by uncertainty based on a global pandemic and eleventh-hour administrative changes. COVID-19 has forced the Census Bureau to reevaluate and redesign its plans. As questions keep swirling around census operations and data, here are the best answers we have. Much is being said about the unprecedented time we’re living in. COVID-19, ongoing racial unrest, wildfires in the West, an emotionally charged election season.

Probiotic products for immune health are enjoying a surge in online searches – with some brands enjoying a 500% boost, but what can businesses do to turn interest into commercial success? Lumina Intelligence’ online marketing expert reveals her top tips… As cheese sales drop by 60% in France during the coronavirus crisis, CNIEL, the French Dairy Interbranch Organization (Centre National Interprofessionnel de l’Economie Laitière), is urging the nation to help out the cheese industry.

However, AI start-up Spoonshot stresses, the long-term opportunities this technology can unlock are more significant still. Two truckloads of surplus milk donations arrived last week at Southern California’s Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County from a dairy production facility in Kansas. Arla Foods says there are positive signs that Denmark is emerging from the coronavirus crisis. While many sections of nutrition and dietary supplements industry have seen significant sales increases, there has been talk of declines for pre-workout products as gym visits stopped. But what are the brands themselves reporting, and what are the similarities… Health food and drink experts have revealed what they believe will be the biggest purchase drivers and the biggest innovation pitfalls post-COVID and how brands can cater to emerging needs.

Overall, 78% of those surveyed said that while quarantine and social distancing was difficult, it’s made them value their relationships. Meanwhile, 65% said the pandemic has made them reevaluate how they spend their time and 58% said it’s made them reevaluate their life goals. As for that stress with kids, 27% of those surveyed who have kids in their households say their children have benefited from being able to spend more time with family.

Dr Nick Fuller from the Charles Perkins Centre was interviewed byChannel 7’sToday Tonight, Channel 7 Adelaide,Channel 9 , SBS World Newsand2GB Sydneyabout his new bookInterval Weight Loss. ABCCatalystinterviewed Professor Stuart Grieve from Sydney Medical School and the Charles Perkins Centre, and Professor David Winlaw, and Professor Carmine Gentile from Sydney Medical School about cardiac health. Other researchers from the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering were also featured in footage. Professor Stephen Simpson, Academic Director of the Charles Perkins Centre, was quoted inBusiness Insider ,Weekend Australian,Australian Aviation, Yahoo!

Trend – The government-imposed COVID-19 restrictions have made it nearly impossible to host events in person—whether that be parties, conferences, pop-ups, employee dinners, and so on. To address this, brands are responding with specially curated kits that are sent either to one’s house or available online. Thanks to the Internet we can embrace our collective awkwardness.

This guided 15-minute practice will help you get started in the daily practice of mindful walking. Tips for what to do and how to obtain support for medical center employees. This six-week series will help adopt evidence-based strategies and practice skills to beat the winter blues. New consumer research finds that one-third of consumers are stockpiling food in preparation for a major coronavirus outbreak. EFSA says there is no evidence that food is a likely source of transmission of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

ABC North West Qld Mt Isa interviewed Dr Sarah Maguire from Sydney Medical School and Charles Perkins Centre about the launch. Blacktown Advocate quoted Professor Louise Baur from the School of Public Health, Children’s Hospital Westmead and the Charles Perkins Centre about a new study that will investigate the best way to maintain weight loss in adolescents. Parramatta Advertiser quoted Professor Louise Baur from the School of Public Health, Children’s Hospital Westmead and the Charles Perkins Centre about a new study that will investigate the best way to maintain weight loss in adolescents. ABC Radio National interviewed Dr Sarah Maguire, director of the InsideOut Institute at the Charles Perkins Centre, about the impact of eating disorders.

More companies and organizations are helping with donations and product in order to help in the face of challenges created by the global covid-19 pandemic. The National Milk Producers Federation expressed appreciation to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue for including dairy in the US $19bn agriculture disaster assistance package, while noting that more will be needed to stem steep losses in the dairy sector. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is echoing the advice from other European regulators and industry groups, which emphasise that supplements do little to stop coronavirus. French authorities are warning of turmeric-containing food supplements that could disrupt the immune system by interfering with inflammatory defence mechanisms that fight infections such as the coronavirus.

Chef Rishi Naleendra’s next restaurant superstar after his modern Australian resto Cheek Bistro and Michelin-starred Cheek by Jowl, which opened and closed in 2019 respectively. It looks like a dreamy Swedish home with porcelain mushrooms, kitchen paraphernalia and food sketches lining its walls alongside cosy couches and wing chairs looking into an open kitchen. Co-owned by chef Julien Royer of JAAN fame, this internationally lauded restaurant dishes out modern French cuisine in the cultured surrounds of National Gallery Singapore. Rub shoulders with A-listers – sort of – and take some selfies with the figures of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and their Hollywood friends.

As 2022 Arrives, The Restaurant Of The Future Comes Into Focus

ABC Radio National interviewed Dr Barbara Mintzes from the Charles Perkins Centre and School of Pharmacy about an ABC investigation into conflicts of interest in the cosmetic surgery industry. News Corp’s Body and Soul mentioned the partnership between Qantas and the University’s Charles Perkins Centre to research the health impacts of long-haul plane travel. 6PR Perth interviewed Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas, who mentioned the Charles Perkins Centre’s partnership with the airline to research in-flight health and wellbeing. Nine Honey quoted Professor Timothy Gill from the Boden Institute at the Charles Perkins Centre and Sydney Medical School about how nutritional advice has changed over time.

Saudi Arabian dairy company Almarai said it is the first brand in the world to obtain a Pandemic Prepared Certification from AIB International due to its application of best practices for food safety in times of epidemics. Mental health is a delicate subject at the best of times. But it’s been harder to ignore during the recent coronavirus pandemic.

Suddenly being a professor is a high risk occupation, sigh. I think if this virus posed a significant risk to children people would absolutely modify their behavior. But the data show Covid just isn’t a serious risk to kids. Many more kids die of drowning, flu, pneumonia, car crashes, guns, et al than do of Covid.

Today’s young are born into a world where big data and AI will shape everyday life long before they’re old enough to consent. Please bring a valid driver’s license or government issued ID to the store. If you ordered using the Buy Online Pick Up In Store option, we will send you an email when your order is ready with instructions for curbside pickup. We are working on making curbside pickup available wherever we can, but are following local & state guidelines. Therefore, in some areas, we are not able to offer this service. Please see here for up-to-date information for your local store.

This is why brands that still prioritise in-store shopping and lack a comprehensive online experience must adapt or become obsolete. However, across all industries, there is room for improvement when it comes to the digital experience. Smart businesses will focus efforts on ensuring that their online offering is always best-in-class, recognising that e-commerce’s strength is only set to grow. Overall, the UNCTAD report shows that despite e-commerce increasing in popularity and overall e-commerce sales growth, average online monthly spending per shopper has dropped as a result of Covid-19. There is also a disparity between genders, with 24% men found to be shopping online more frequently during the pandemic, compared to 18% of women.

Remote learning was a full disaster, educationally, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Trying to work from home and take care of them often felt like my brain was being cleaved in two. Having them back in school has been the best thing that’s happened to their well being and ours. I don’t know my kids’ risks of getting really sick from Covid, or getting long Covid.

I certainly do not always live presently and ignore fear. All that I am trying to communicate is that we can try to choose to focus on the good, positive things in our lives. Also, this is a personal anecdote and something that has been working for me to manage my anxiety. Just as I can’t dismiss your lived experience, please don’t dismiss mine.

I know this is my reality, and others are dealing with great loss, but to know this wondrous boy and this relationship will be taken soon feels like kicking you when you’re down. Thanks Kate, it’s nice to hear a differing point of view. This thread was so disturbing to me as an unvaccinated “white person” – that just so happens to be naturally immune and will not be taking the vaccine. Because we have always known, and continue to see in recent studies that natural immunity is MORE effective than vaccine immunity.

That’s the feeling I’ve been getting in my monthly meetings with investors since the pandemic began. I majored in interactive media, and before my final year at university, I had interned at a creative agency. When school started, I continued with the agency on a part-time basis.

I will arm myself with the information I need to protect them—maybe the school Covid dashboard is the equivalent of the Consumer Reports carseat safety ranking right now. My parents keep telling me to take off the masks around them, but I have unvaccinated children at two different schools and I’m a teacher too. I’d like to not infect my parents in their 80s with their J&J shot. And I’m the weird one in my family who thinks about these things. Our nation’s kids were masked, learned remotely, did what we thrust upon them for more than a year… And now that many adults have been vaccinated, it’s like many have little concern for the children… Breaks my heart.

Every legislature’s—indeed, each legislator’s—experience during the coronavirus pandemic has been different. Yet chamber leaders across the country tell similar stories. They are trying to coordinate with their governors while coping with budgets that suddenly went from sound to sapped.

Still, federal law prohibits states from enacting DST permanently, so the states will need help from Congress. Nearly 100 million Americans had already cast ballots when the polls opened this morning. And while the presidential and congressional results are top of mind for many, on Election Day, NCSL is your go-to source for news and analysis on what’s happening in state elections. Even before the pandemic hit, high school seniors’ test results were lackluster.

Radio Australia interviewed Dr Anne Marie Thow from the School of Public Health and the Charles Perkins Centre about non-communicable diseases in Tonga and other Pacific nations. ABC TV’s The Weekly mentioned University of Sydney research into pharmaceutical industry-funded events for Australian health professionals, in a report on over-prescription of addictive opioids. Sciencemag quoted Professor Lisa Bero from the Charles Perkins Centre on her research into evidence-based medicine and bias.

Seven News interviewed Dr Nick Fuller from Sydney Medical School and the Boden Institute at the Charles Perkins Centre about interval weight loss. Sky News interviewed Lauren Powell, PhD Candidate in the School of Public Health and Charles Perkins Centre about her research finding that owning a dog can improve people’s moods and physical activity levels. The interview was syndicated across News Corp Australia.

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