Abington, MA Nissan Review

Do you live in Abington and are looking for a new car? Your answer is here! You can find Abington, MA Nissan stores driving within a short distance of Abington, Massachusetts. One of the best known Nissan dealers in the area is Mastria Nissan in Rayham, Massachusetts.

Abington, MA Nissan store, Mastria Nissan, is part of a family owned dealership corporation that has been in operation since 1955. The dealership is owned by the Mastria family which owns several car dealerships in the Boston area.

Mastria offers a complete package of vehicle services to its customers that include 24 hour a day road service, tow and battery replacement, windshield replacement, remote starter installation, dent repairs, reconditioning DVD installation, accessories installation, transportation services throughout the US and Canada, 24 hour a day collision repair and seven day a week car rentals.

Mastria Nissan is certainly the place to go if you are looking for superior Nissan service. In addition to superior service, Mastria offers some great warranties and other services on Nissans it sells. These include free tires for life warranty, free 10 year and a 120,000 mile power Limo Service near me train warranty. Mastria has a brand new Nissan Service facility that offers extended hours for Nissan service.

In addition to all these services, Mastria’s financing department is one of the best in Boston. It offers both new and used car financing and does have subprime financing available for those with bad credit. It can even offer auto loans to customers with no credit rating. This makes Mastria Nissan, a great place to go for those who have been turned down for financing by other dealerships.

A Buyers Agent who is REALLY practicing Buyers Agency will keep you from getting burned. He or she will pull several sets of sold property statistics.The first is done in preparation of the offer. After the offer is submitted another set coming from a different direction with the numbers can reinforce the offer, warn the buyer not to go higher or in some cases point out that the property is actually under priced. (It happens but its always a mistake made by the people pulling the statistics.) Then when the counter offer comes in another set of metrics is pulled from yet another set of numbers. By this point a Buyers Agent worth his salt can nail down the fair market value of the property to within 3 percent. And more importantly YOU will know the value of the property. Hopefully you saw the inventory so you know a lot about value there. Now in addition, thanks to your Buyers agent, you have looked at 3 sets of averages statistically nailing down fair market value for you.

A good Buyers Agent comes back to the statistics again and again. The whole idea of practicing impeccable Buyers Agency is to take out personal opinion and conjecture. Numbers don’t lie and if the numbers are wrong the property is overpriced, period. You will find out if you have a real Buyers Agent if she starts to reconcile the sellers numbers to bring the deal together (read, when you pay more). Thus this kind of brilliantly disguised Listing Agent is along for the ride and the commission. She wont pull another set of numbers to counter all the anecdotal hype that just streams out of the Listing Agents mouth. She is content to let the Listing Agent sell some real estate to her buyer client. Bad form, absolutely dishonest.

These commission rebates are another joke on the consumers.┬áMention cash rebates to consumers and its cash for clunkers all over again. People are suckers for a cash kickback especially in the middle of a deep recession. I would not be surprised if Massachusetts and other states eventually outlaw this practice. Its so transparently manipulative and a little sad. There are all these buyers tripping over themselves to get a cash rebate while attention is taken away from the actual price being paid for the house (kind of like the $8000 tax break). In other words they are looking at the short term while a good Buyers Agent can get the price reduced. If I can get you the home for 500K instead of 530K, you just saved $180 per month for the next 30 years. That comes to $64,000 over the life of the loan. So the $64,000 question is How does that cash rebate look now? I’m also not surprised to see this happening during a recession. Funny how desperation can get buyers to fall for that. Now people, work with me and think about it, not only are you are not going to use a Buyers Agent, you want to be rebated his commission and yet you expect to get a good deal from the seller? Are we living on the same planet? You may get the rebate but you will get taken to the cleaners for the property. Penny wise, and dollar totally foolish. What kind of magnanimous seller is going to give you a good deal when you are not even bothering to be represented?

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